Friday, October 06, 2006

Three Weeks

Well its been three weeks, and according to my father my deadline has past and I have to return home. ahhh my sweet papa.

Of course I am not returning home but I will be leaving Ota. Ani, Nina, Mhairi and I are currently looking for work in Tokyo and I hope to move there by December.


Anonymous said...

Hi sis!!! I love the blog! Great job! enjoy enjoy.

I'm off to the cottage, I hope we hear from you. I'll tell you about the craziness later...needless to say I'm a bit sick of social stuff right now - exhausting.

Love you - HAPPY Thanksgiving.

ps. one problem with the "skype" idea, is unless we make plans I can tell you, I am NEVER on my msn/computer randomly. So annoying I know

Isabell said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

mom said...

Dear Linden
I found it! I hope I can figure out how to do it again! I got your email about your adventures in are a big city girl. I miss you lots -it feels like 3 months, not 3 weeks!
Just got back from Stratford...went to 12th Night again, this time with Auntie Sue.. Your dad and I go tomorrow to As You Like It. Wish you could be with us.
Take care of that cold!

Anonymous said...

Great porn site! I'll pass it on to thew Davey boyz. Heading north to Autumn's cottage. Checking out the new foundation on Bear point. Get on your computer and skype us. The children are interacting with Misha's parents on a daily basis. Misha is now a Canadian. At the ceremony, Lachy would announce to all.. that his mommy is now in the club "Canadian Club". Quoia is incredible... her drawing skills are amazing and she loves gymnastics. Fastest up the rope... very competative. I wonder where she gets that from? Every night we race up the stairs, first one out of their clothes and into pj's WINS! Quoia pulls you back, hides my pj's etc...
Anyways, I'm off - skype us...
Love you