Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rain rain go away....

I am currently at an internet cafe here in Ota as I am trying to get directions to a job interview tomorrow which i will need to print off. Utorid seems to be havign problems with its connection or this computer is so I havent been able to get into my email and I am rather angry. It doesnt help that it is rainy like crazy outside and has been all day. The rain did provide an upside as Mhairi and I had an excuse to watch P&P all day...it was lovely.
But now my mood is not so great.... grrr stupid computers!
The internet cafes here are not that cheap and I dont want to spend the money to be here. THe free drinks, fries, and salad are a small plus.
Yes so I delayed my trip to Tokyo until tomorrow as it was raining and I couldnt see the point in spending the day walking around Tokyo in the rain.
I am doing my best not to think about home or halloween too much. I think both Mhairi and I are reaching the point of becoming homesick. We knew this would happen eventually. I am hoping the approaching move to Tokyo will busy us so that we arnt overtaken by it.
Theo is going to be Bell ( from beauty and the beast) and Piper is going to be a Piriate for Halloween. This is the first time in their memory that I havent been with them for halloween and I cant say it doesnt make me feel horribly depressed to be missing out on it. I miss them and all my little neices and nephew very very much.
Well i better check to see if i can get through to my email.

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