Friday, October 06, 2006

Introdution to The Travels of the Tattooed Map

Hello all,
Well I am here in Japan. Ota-shi, Gunma-Ken Japan to be exact. Ota is a good sized industrial town about 2 hours north of Tokyo. Although Ota's population is not small there is very little to do here. To tell the truth the four of us are kind of going insane here. By the four of us I mean my dear friends Ani and Nina who came here with me from Toronto, and my roommate and new fabulous friend Mhairi who is from Scotland. Mhairi is pronounced Var-ri by the only took me like a full week to learn to say it correctly. We are here working for Nova, an English conversation school. That's right, we are among the thousands who come to Japan to teach English, make some money and hopefully have a fabulous time in the process. So teaching and making money we have checked off in our three weeks here...the fabulous time we are still working on. Don't get me wrong. We are having fun with each other and our general boredom, but we aren't exactly doing anything exciting to report home about. I teach 5 days a week and each day I teach eight 40min classes. I generally teach from 1:20pm to 9pm, I arrive at work at 12:20 however so that I can plan my lessons. So yes I am working hard here. Teaching is an experience and I have nothing negative to say about my classes, my students or the company, the city is another matter. I am sorry to those who have been waiting for this that it has taken me so long. I have no excuse. I will be posting updates on my life here, so keep checking if you are interested. I am using this blog system instead of mass emails. Cheers.


ANI said...

So like speak for yourself about the boredom thing...
I love Japan, the people, and appreciate all the randomness I get to experience here...

Look forward to my suprise for thanksgiving.
See you at work!

p.s. ramrod

tony said...

Hi Linden.

Really enjoying reading your blogs.

The food sounded delicious. My marriage proposal may come back out with feasts like that.... mmmmm.

Although we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, HON.

Love ya
T xx