Monday, October 23, 2006

My birthday came early!

Well it looks like my birthday came early this year! This morning I received a package from my parents with such wonderful presents!!! The complete A&E P&P was too much mom!!! thank you soo much!!! And to get the books! And the mags! Oh i cant wait to read the article about the religious right taking over Harpers government! FABULOUS! And to get my old housecoat that smells like the dryer!!! And the new pjs. Ahhh happy day!
Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!!!
I am bubbling with happiness. Sorry dad, no signs of the plague.
I am off to Tokyo tomorrow.

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mom said...

Great to hear! The world is indeed such a small place, for you to get the package that fast!!!Enjoy "the making of P&P" (no CF or JE alas) I am off to choose your cousin's true b'day present this am...(Happy 18th Mer, for Thurs:)and I head back to London Tues evening.
A. Judy is here in Hfx... all is well.