Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another conversation

Well Graeme comes today for his less then 24hr stop over in Japan. I am heading off to meet in at that airport shortly. I am very excited to see him.

I need to share this little moment. I know this blog is a little public but I have no one here to share this stuff with so blog it is.
I have gotten some questions regarding my boyfriend Talal. The fact he is Saudi Arabian and the like. My family and friends don't have the opportunity to meet him so I wanted to share this.
The other night we were out for dinner. Talal starts telling me some stories about he and his friends back in Saudi. Then he starts telling me a story that upset me a lot. In Saudi, which is super Islamic, men and women are kept separate so the only contact Talal and his friends have with women are the women in his family and the maids. The maids are almost always foreigners from a variety of countries like Indonesia, India, or Sir Lanka. So if young guys are going to have any opportunity of dreaming or pursuing their sexual side, their best luck is with the maids. Talal was innocently telling me a story about his cousin and I completely flipped out on him. It wasn't so much the story but how he referred to this maid or maids in general, like they weren't people. That wasn't what he intended and I knew that but I became so angry that I couldn't hold back. . He was shocked. He said, "This really upsets you. Why?" My feminist, western raised, humanist part just tore a strip off him and explained why and when I was finished and I felt a little bad for coming down so hard on him so I was about to say I was sorry when he looked at me and said, " whomever gets to have you will be the luckiest man in the world." That is Talal and I love him for his faults, his innocents, his open mind and his open heart. I have never met anyone like him and may never again. We are learning so much from each other. Our time is short but it is memorable.

Have a nice weekend.



Anonymous said...

That's wonderful. Thanks for sharing with all and sundry.

Claire said...

Oh my gosh--that is very sweet. He sounds lovely...sorry to miss you at the reunion...who will I talk to?