Monday, December 11, 2006

Birthday Night

Mhairi, Michelle, Ani, and a sick but fabulous Nina came out for my birthday. I had planned on going to several cool looking cafes in Harajuku and Shibuya, but plans, like rules, are made to be broken. We went to a wonderful little tiny Thai restaurant in Harajuku that was tucked in the back of a little allyway filled with restaurants. The food was amazing!!! We ended up staying there for almost three hours. We did a lot of catching up as we had not seen each other for a while. Everyone enjoyed there food, the place was a great find!
After dinner, around 10:30pm, Mhairi, Nina, and Michelle all headed home to bed while Ani and I headed to a wonderful but pricy cafe in Shinjuku to chill, plan Jenn, Andrea and Isabell's visit through the late evening and early hours of the morning until the sun came up and the trains reopened.
It was 6am when I finally crawled into my bed.
When I awoke at 2pm I have to admit that I was rather homesick and strangly lonely. I went to check for an email from work and found that I had a notice from Facebook of messages on my wall. I had sooo many birthday messages from friends back home. Thank you soo much. Each of your messages means so much to me. Sometimes I feel how very very far away I am and to know people are thinking about you and remembering your birthday (even if facebook sends reminders) can mean more then most people can imagine. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have to give props to the Bull girls, Jen you got in there before Jill....impressive.
And Tem, our phone call lifted me. How I wish you could be here with me.
I had a wonderful birthday. And another big thank you to everyone who made it so special. And to those of you who didn't....I might overlook it, this is the season for generosity of mind and spirit afterall.
Much love

p.s. The pics are from dinner, Harajuku at night, and the cafe Ani and I chilled in until sunrise.

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momanddad said...

Happy birthday to you! Glad you are having these experiences of discovery.
Take good care, now.