Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day

So Christmas day was the busiest of my life! You know, normally one spends Christmas day well essentially eating and hanging about the house, well that was not my Christmas day. So after waking up and opening the few presents Mhairi and I had, we headed off to the post office a few subways stops from our house as it had Mhairi’s package from her parents and mine from my Aunty Cheryl. We then went to Ueno so Mhairi could get a coat from this fabulous store where I had bought my coat a few days ago (and fabulous red shoes). We had been planning to go to an Onsen (Japanese hot spring) but since we were short on time we went to a massage spa in Ueno which was lovely, but even then we were short on time. Mhairi and I ran back home after our massages to get changed for dinner and then down to Shibuya we went.
Dinner was wonderful! Lots of laughs, and a good time all round I think. After dinner the whole group of us (Ani, Nina, Suresh, Mhairi and I) went to Shidax Karaoke which was soo much fun as karaoke always is! Then after two hours of song we left and headed our separate ways home.
Once home I talked to my parents, Ashley, my brother Chris, and then Jen, David, Theo and Piper. Each told me how much I am missed which is really wonderful to hear.
Christmas in Tokyo was very eventful and unforgettable!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
All my love.

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momanddad said...

Merry Merry Christmas...it is lovely to see the pictures. We are off to the cottage. No snow!!! Maybe for new years.