Monday, December 04, 2006

Day 2, my job is still amazing!!!

Well it is my second day of work today. I am currently at the office trying to fill time. I have had a great day so far. I called my father this morning to wish him a happy birthday (Tokyo time) and the phone was passed to my neice Theo who told me that she wanted me to come home. Apparently I have exceeded my time allowed away and I need to return. This of course made my heart ach and I promised her I would return, just not anytime soon. God that was hard.
However, the day did pick up after that. I went to my frist school and taught three lessons with another teacher, well he was teaching the lesson, I was just following him around. It was easy and great fun. We started at 10 and were done at 11:15! Then I was on my own time until 3pm when I had to be back at the office for the afternoon (3-5pm). I emailed Mhairi and she was meeting up with two of our friends from Ota who were down to see the Dali exhibit at the National Art Gallery at Ueno. I met them for lunch and walked around Ueno park for a bit, and did a bit of shopping until I had to return to work.
It looks like I have bought a bed off of craigs list. I bed and bookshelf I believe. And maybe a stove if he gives it for the right price.
I think I will be meeting up with my Ota friends after work. They all hate me because of my fabulously amazing job. hahaha! No apologies.
p.s. is amazing!!! and I have missed House and Grays Anatomy so much! Mhairi and I have gotten into that show Heros. We watched oh...6 episodes last night. I LOVE TV and I am not afraid to say it!!!


mom said...

Great to see all is still well in the land of the rising sun. Try the "How Canadian Are You?" quiz on Kathy's site....see if your months away have had any substantial effect....
love you

Anonymous said...

awwhhh shucks, sounds like fun!

- I'm looking forward to the pictures


FROM ME (your sister, ash)