Sunday, December 03, 2006

Our "Last Night" in Ota

So my “last night” in Ota was probably the most fun I have had in Ota. I say “last night” as it was actually my second last night, but it was the good bye party for three of us who were leaving so that is just when we had it.
Anyway…. We went to this bar called Gin. It is in the Japanese style so we sit on the floor on little mats. It’s not that expensive and it is pretty chill - these being the most important things to consider. Well my friend Jacky and I showed up a little earlier then the other teachers and our Japanese friends who work at Nova and their friends showed up shortly after us. It was crazy, so many people showed!!! There were around forty of us in the end, or something like that. I got to meet so many Japanese people and through gestures and broken English we were able to communicate.
I don’t know what some of the Japanese boys were drinking but half of them decided that they were in love with me, and as the night wore on they were less and less shy about telling the extent of their love. It was so funny. Really, I though I was going to die of laughter.
After we left the bar some of the teachers (not the Japanese boys) came back to my apartment and we continued the party until 4am.
All and all it was a fabulous night.

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