Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Eve

So Christmas in Tokyo. Christmas eve day seemed to pass by very quickly. By the time I was organized and ready to leave the house I had to go straight to meet a student ( I teach private English classes) and had no time to do my last minute elfish things, Mhairi was kind enough to pick a few things up for me. After my lesson I met up with Ani and Mhairi in Shibuya. We exchanged gifts and had a wonderful Indian dinner. I had made stockings of Ani and Nina so I wanted to make sure they had them for Christmas morning, and I had a little Christmas eve present for Ani.
After dinner, Mhairi and I headed home. We watched an episode of House ( oh I love that show), and got a tour of my house in London via Ashley’s webcam. The house looks so beautiful, as it always does on Christmas. My father read “The Night before Christmas” to Mhairi and I. Mhairi opened up her Christmas eve present form me, and I opened mine (Super Girl PJs!!!) from my Auntie Sue. Busy but very nice Christmas eve.

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