Sunday, December 03, 2006

Moving and the Last Night in Ota

Well moving wasn’t exactly easy, it never is. But add a language barrier and it is just that much harder. Well the movers were supposed to come between 1 and 2 and they didn’t show up until 8ish….not fun for me who was kept in the apartment waiting for them, not able to leave just in case they showed. But they did come and took all the bags, well first they showed up and then left after they saw our stuff and I was very afraid they weren’t going to come back, but they did.
So my actual last night in Ota. My Japanese friend Chiaki took me out to a little café/dessert shop because she knows about my dream of owning my own café some day. She is so sweet! Well we had a nice dinner of pizza and pasta. The pizza was good, if a little bland, but the pasta was amazing. Seafood spaghetti in a tomato blush sauce and you could taste the herbs! Oh it had so much falvour!! We then had coffee and desserts which we couldn’t finish cause we were so full. It was so nice. We didn’t leave the restaurant until long after our food had been taken away as we kept talking and laughing. And gossiping of course about Nova teachers and students and all that juicy stuff. Poor Chiaki was almost dining of laughter at some points. Great times…. lol! Thank you Chiaki for such a wonder dinner!
After dinner Chiaki dropped me off at the apartment and a few of the Nova teachers and I headed out to the Brazilian bar. It was a much smaller group this time. Mhairi and I were only going to go for one beer as we had to get up early to move, and although one beer only turned into two for me, the party continued again at our place until 2:30am. What can I say, our friends just didn’t want to have to say good-bye. It was fun, or funny, maybe funny is more a way to describe Rob and Tom. Well the next morning Mhairi and I caught the train to Tokyo on only three hours sleep. Oh fun I can tell you...but another time…

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