Monday, June 04, 2007

And now....the long await photos and commentary on our trip to TOKYO DISNEY SEA!!!!

Where dreams really do come true! Well if you dream is to do the Indiana Jones ride three times, wear mini ears, and hug a Chip/Dale.

Meredith and I loved our time at Tokyo Disney Sea. I couldn't get over how over the top everything was. I was like 5 or 6 when my parents took me to Disney World and have really no memories of it so this day was very special. I got to be a little kid and took full advantage of it as you will see.

So when we entered the gates we first saw this fabulous globe fountain and then when we walked around it we saw MINI MOUSE! She was so cute! So inter the role, I mean it WAS Mini!

So next we wandered around the Meditarrian Harbour, past American Waterfront and Port of Discovery to Mysterious Island..... The volcano was smoking, the sun was shining and people everywhere had on mouse ears! I just knew I had to get me some! When in Rome....

So at Mysterious Island we got our fast track ticket for 2000 Leagues Under the Sea and since we had an hour to kill we headed over to Mermaid Lagoon to hang out with Ariel....under the sea.....

Triton's Palace!!!! WOW! WOW! WOW! This was CRAZY!!! All the decorations really made you feel like you were in another world and underwater! We rode the Jumping Jellyfish, the Blowfish ride, the Flounder roller coaster (really a kiddy coaster), and watched the Under the Sea show at Mermaid theater. The show was wonderful. They did several of the songs from the Litter Mermaid and weaved them together to do a 20min retelling of the Little Mermaid in Japanese....luckily we knew the story and the songs were in English. The costumes were amazing. The flonder fish! WOW! oh and Ursula was phenomial! I couldn't get over it. It had better costumes and more special effects then The Lion King theater production!

So after Meraid Lagoon we went back to Mysterious Island to do 2000 Leagues Under the Sea. It was fun but not as amazing as rides we would encounter later. It was also a story ride and the story was in Japanese..... but it was still cool and we didn't have to wait in line.

When we finished the ride we went back through Mermaid Lagoon over towards The Arabian Coast. Along the way we passed a cart selling.....mouse ears!


Anonymous said...

Now that camera works beautifully! Great color. Fun fun fun. It doesn't seem to be too crowded for a Saturday.
Did you have this place on your list of things to do before Meredith arrived?
Auntie Judy

Anonymous said...

oh it was crowded... it picked up like crazy in the afternoon. and yeah the camera works pretty well, look it up on the internet and see what you think of it.
love mer

Linden said...

It wasnt THAT crowded. Sundays would be worse. Sunday always a holiday day in Japan.
Yes I did have this on my list of things to do before Mer came. Ani went with her boyfriend so I knew Meredith and I had to go if I was going to go at all.
I am so glad she was so up for it.