Thursday, June 28, 2007

My last days with Meredith

These are the last of my Meredith pictures. The first few pictures our us heading out for a night in Roppongi, and the picture of the tokyo tower was taken by Meredith in the morning when we left the club.
Then the next set of pictures are of Meredith's last night in Tokyo. I took Meredith out and treated her to a night at the Park Hyatt New York Bar. We had a lovely night, listened to a little jazz and I believe, Meredith got a proper Tokyo send off.
I had a wonderful month with Meredith. We did so many things. She was up for anything, even raw fish, and I cannot count the number of laughs and special inside jokes that will forever bond us together. Meredith, you are awesome!!! chocolate good!...tea good! know what mean.... I really do miss you! Thank you for coming! Thank you for going crazy with me, and taking my extra crazy with stride. Ugly Betty just wont be the same without you! I know you are busy with sailing and I am not on line that often but we will get those pictures to you, they are in the sharing folder. Your my girl! I love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Very handsome!!!
And you are a very beautiful young woman...I might add!
Looks like Tokyo was a blast - thanks to you and all the crazy within.
Auntie Judy

mom said...

The shoes!!! Great shoes. Where is the library?
And "ditto" on the note from JAB- great city lights!