Monday, June 04, 2007

TOKYO DISNEY SEA....after dark!

So Tokyo Disney Sea was fabulous during the day but come night, it was MAGICAL! Everything Disney promises to be!
So here are some pictures of this wonderful land light up by lights. Meredith and I tried many of the settings on her camera to try to get the best night shots so these pics are some of our trails and errors but they are still enjoyable.
So the first two pictures are of the outside of the Ragging Sprite Roller Coaster! It was fun but totally tame. Disney spared no expense in the design which was the general trend with all their stuff as you for sure have noticed.

Next a picture of the Arabian Coast at night.

Then....are those Tiger tails? That would be a yes! Cuz who wouldn't come to Disney Sea with their Tiger tail?! Mer and I have so much to learn!

Follow Tiger's tails are some pictures of the evening show which was a love story between fire and water. What you see in the pics are some of the fountain displays and the crazy light thing is Micky, that's right- the one and only, riding in on a chariot all ablaze with fireworks and crazy stuff. The show was phenomenal! I took some videos with Meredith's camera so I hope I can figure out how to load them on the blog.

Then the nerdy pic of me would be me given the Indian Jones Ride a two thumbs up...we rode it three times!!!!! It was by far the best ride at Disney Sea! The Japanese staff laughed at us for doing it so often. We were actually about to leave the park when we saw they were offering the final rides and there was no line! Meredith and I got a jeep (that is what you do the ride in) all to ourselves. We sat at opposite sides because Meredith didn't want me to tickle again her when we went through the cave of spiders and all things creepy crawly and I knew I couldn't promise not to. What can I say, scaring the easily scared is too fun and well...easy to resist.

The rest are just pictures we took as we left the park.

It was a fabulous day. We were that happy tired when we left and we slept on the train ride home. Sleep seemed to be my thing until we got home that is and then as per usual I could not get to sleep no matter how exhausted I was. I am averaging three to four hours a night I think. That's why on Sunday I slept in until 3!!!! Well since I didn't fall asleep until about 4am, it was only an 11hour sleep which isn't THAT much sleep.


mom said...

I don't know, Linden. The mouse ears are up there with the tails, and VERY fetching I might add. Such fun. Love the close ups of you blue-eyed cousins!
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

What fabulous fun! I love the picture of your shadows.
Hey, Meredith - where are your ears!!! Next time, right?
Auntie Judy