Monday, June 04, 2007

From the Arabian Coast to the Lost River Delta to the Port of Discovery to the American Waterfront!

So here we are the before and after pictures. Linden before the Mini ears and after.....Mini ears win! They were not on a head band either, they are on little clips. Oh I love them!

So here we are entering the Arabian Coast! Aladdin's world....a whole new world.....that's where we'll be.....a truly wondrous place for you, and me. (hehehe....can't help it!)

The little Princess kneels at the fountain. Oh man Japanese kids!

Next we are on the Carousel. It was a two story carousel!!! So fabulous! Meredith wanted to get to ride the Genii but it was taken, we enjoyed our horses but Meredith just needed the pictures of the Genii....and hey, we all love Genii!

Then we have the floating Mini head. There were parking areas for strollers. It was great, people just left their strollers. Amazing what people will do when they are not worried about theft.

Ahh and next we have the little girl and her Micky ice lolly. HOW CUTE? TOOOO CUTE!

Now Meredith and I are in The Lost River Delta. Here we have rides like the Ragging Sprites Roller Coaster, the Indiana Jones Ride, and lots of "jungle" with secret passage ways! Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh My! We loved it all!!! And Then you have Meredith kindly posing while I play around with the settings on her camera. Isn't she beautiful! She has the pouty model thing down!

We spotting some nappers. As if they could NAP! We did NOT have time for napping! we had to do EVERTYHING!!!!

Then I lost my plane. You happens....being that we were in the Lost River Delta I could have expected it. Then a nice boat came and rescued us. Thank god! what would we have done without our plane?!!

Oh and the ears....and my ENORMOUS ASS! I mean check out those hips! (Actually that is just my bag resting on my hip on my left and Meredith's bag on my right hip.)

Next we have Meredith with Chip....or Dale...we never sorted that out.

Then we have two pictures on the view of the Arabian Coast.

After this we went to Mystic Rhythms which was AMAZING! It was a show about the spirits - Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. It was fit for Cirque du Soleil! It rained, their was fire, crazy lights, the audience was buried in fog, they were flying about, drums, monkeys playing the drums. It was set in the Amazon. Blew our minds! Sorry, no pictures.

Next- PORT OF DISCOVERY!!! Where weather systems and all things cool to "discover" are. Well we only did the Aquatopia ride which was like bumper cars in the water...except we didn't get to bump other boats and we didn't get to control them either but they did follow really random patterns and spin and you never knew what would happen next so it was cool. We actually did it at night but they wouldn't allow us to take pics while on the ride.

By this point it was getting on in the day. We left Port of Discovery and went to American Water Front where we waited in the line for Tower of Terror for about 75 mins...better then the 90mins they predicted we would wait. It was a fun ride actually. The story was all in Japanese but we could get the main idea.

After the Tower of Terror we went to Big Band Beat. Now it might sound like an old-timers thing but this was no ordinary big bang show. It was a DISNEY Big Band Beat! we had Micky, Mini, Daisy Duck, and the white cat from Aristocats tap dancing for us in a hug and packed theater. There was also a fabulous cast of amazing human dancers and singers, and of course the Big Band. It was so great. And all the songs were in English. The songs were the classics but they did plays on the sexists words like kitten and bird. The Japanese audience didn't really get why I was laughing but they enjoyed it all the same. It was great fun. We ate at the New York Deli and then it was off to the events of the evening.

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