Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ash, we found the Fishes!!

The Fish Market: well when Ashley and I tried to go to the Fish Market we found... NO FISH. The lonely planet japan had failed to inform us that the fish market is closed on Sundays! Meredith and I checked it out on a Thursday and there were plenty of fishes!! Many many many fishes...and I had a strong desire to go vegetarian. Shortly after Meredith and I arrived and were wondering around try to figure out where we were supposed to go (it is really a serious place of work and as a tourist you feel very much in the way), one of the many little flatbed cars/tucks stopped and offered us a ride. I had literally just finished saying to Meredith that we had to get ourself on one of these crazy flatbeds racing around. This cute guy stopped, asked us where we were going, we said anywhere, he told us to jump on and before Meredith even knew what was happening I jumped up and pulled her along with me and we raced off. He dropped us off (after clearly showing us off to his friends) at the tuna section. Meredith and I, very glad we were wearing our rain boots, wondered around the market for an hour or so taking lots of photos before I had to leave to go to work as this was a morning event. In some of the pictures (one in particular) I am smiling, no that smile is more out of shock of what we were seeing, I received no join from seeing these poor dead fishes. The tunas were sooo huge, Meredith and I couldn't get over the size of the fish. Well now I have done it, it was pretty awesome, totally recommend it, but also happy to not have to drag myself out of bed to see it again

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