Saturday, June 02, 2007

New camera and pirates!

Work work work, Meredith bought a new camera in Akihabara, and then we went to Pirates of the Caribbean this evening. Pirates 3 was in my opinion better then Pirates 2. We enjoyed all three hours!
It is very late and we are very tired but so excited because we are going to TOKYO DISNEY SEA tomorrow!!!!!!

We will have a few million pictures to upload for you when we return. It will be a good test run for Meredith's camera.


Heroes and House have shows are over. tear.


Anonymous said...

Meredith will have analyzed the "Tips for Tackling Tokyo Disney Sea" no doubt! Wow!! That sounds like so much fun!
Is the new camera fantastic enough and such a good buy that we need two?
What about the cost of digital video camera's in Japan. Any deals?

Linden said...

Hey Aunty Judy,
digital video cameras that we were looking at yesterday were around 70,000 Yen. I have seen cheaper. The digital camera Meredith bought is fabulous, 10 mega pics, and is tiny. it was a good price. I dont know what the prices are at home but it was 29,000 Yen and mer got an extra battery thrown in as a gift.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait (although I'll have to) for pics from the new camera and your day at Disney.
I'll disuss with Uncle Chris the idea of a second still camera & a digital video camera. They sound like excellent prices to me. What make?

suebd said...

I understand Meredith's new camera has 10 pixels!!! What do you think, Linden? Is this something I should consider? Then I would have to figure out how to process them and all, but the skill is in the family!
Waiting to see the Disney pics....