Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another quake

So apparently there was another earthquake.
Still alive. I don't think this latest one was felt in Tokyo, but I am not a good judge of these things. However I can report that I did (apparently) feel the first one as it happened at 10:13am and woke me up. I did not know what had woken me from my slumber and assumed it was just the fact that I can't sleep-in properly. It wasn't me, it was my building swaying on its foundation. who knew eh?

I have a bad cold which I have been battling for over a week and can't seem to shake. But otherwise I am doing fine.
I am planing my life.
Enjoying being with Talal as long as I can.



Anonymous said...

Not very comfortable knowing that you are in such unsettled geologic conditions. No earthquakes over here.Think about it.
Luv Mom

Linden said...

no Talal either.