Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ashely's 25th Birthday!!!

Well today my sister Ashely turns 25!!!
(I am writing this at 12:15am on the 3rd of July in Tokyo, but it is still the 2nd in Canada!)


We had a wonderful long chat this morning (her morning). She didn't seem too down and depressed about reaching the "scary" age, leaving her early 20s behind, and in general just becoming OLD! But I am sure it will all sink in and she will totally freak out and at some point cry herself to sleep. (come on Ash, I have faith in you!)

A quick update on my life- I have taken on a second job as an English teacher for a company called Gaba. It seems like a really great and progressive company-very liberal textbooks with an interested feminist edge (especially in the career business text books). I will be teaching private lesson and I get to make my own schedule! I hope that this will provide me with the extra money I need for my trip to South Asia in the fall.

Canada day was just not Canada day.....but Talal and I did go to Karaoke and sang some Cline Dion, Alanis Morisette, and Shania Twain. ( I had to balance the sappy which is Talal's favorite, with some angry girl music, and a little "Man! I feel like a women!")

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momandad said...

What a great tribute! What a fine sister you are. A little Shania is always fun.