Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another visitor!!!

I have some great news! I will be having another visitor!!! Graeme, one of my dearest friends, will be stopping in to see me in Tokyo on his way to Thailand. Graeme is moving to Thailand for the year to teach English at a fancy international school just outside of Bangkok. I will be of course returning the visit when I stop in Bangkok on my way to South Asia.

I am so excited to see him! He was in Europe when I visited home in May so I haven't seen him for almost a whole year! (from looking at his Euro pics I think I think I can safely say he no longer has the facial hair!!!)

Anyway that is it for me. Wait actually no, I have finally experienced those crazy Japanese sales I heard about before coming! I went into French Connection today where almost everything was 70% off!!! I got a great pair of jeans for like $42 ( the exchange rate is in favor of the Canadian dollar these days.)!!!! So thats really exciting news as well!!

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