Monday, July 23, 2007

Nothing like good conversation!!!

Well not to much to update for you.
Today I had a fabulous conversation with a fellow Gaba teacher. We started our conversation on the subject of Japanese Manga (Japanese comic books) after the last lesson and then headed to an izakaia (Japanese bar/restaurant) to continue. We talk about all manner of things from manga, to religion, to Japanese language, to evolution, literature, metaphysics, astronomy, to our relative status of geekism. It was so fabulous.... oh how I miss intelligent conversation!!! Not that Talal doesn't provide me with it, but it is hard to stray from topics other then religion. I love learning from Talal and getting to know about Saudi Arabia and Islam through him. I really don't want to take anything away from that. But my conversation tonight was so fast passed and varied and Mike (the dude) is crazy smart, and he is a native English speaker so nothing need be translated, so nice, and so rare. He is also an environmentalist!!!! Even MORE rare! And he is an American, who would have guessed?! lol just i am not, not going to lie. oh and he has been in japan for something like 5 years and isn't married...American male, in japan, with the language, and not married....and smart, and an environmentalist, and a geek like me!! He is also gives off no macho, me male- me so great vibes. He went to some crazy gay/feminist college in the states and is so proud of it. Okay, I realize for those in Canada that might not be a big deal, but here in Japan, I have not met anyone like this! I am probably over doing it as I do when I get excited. We all know this by know, but good conversation is so hard to find!

Well other then that....things are fine. I have booked my flight home which is bittersweet. I find myself so torn. I really can't wait to get home, I have this crazy love for Canada at the moment and I just need to get home. I don't really feel homesick exactly, just in love with my country and I want to be there. But....I have at the same time, fallen totally in love with Talal. What can I say...every the dramatic queen I suppose. Maybe I always had some unconscious wish for a tragic forbidden love affair and I am just living some fantasy...sometimes it feels like that. Talal is very much the romantic hero.

I go on vacation in a week. I am VERY excited. Talal and I are going to the Izu islands.

So apparently when I say I don't have much to report...that gives me license to talk forever. But never fear, I am done now.


Anonymous said...

i MISS you, so good to hear about what you are up to though. would you please go on the computer the same time as me so we can skype talk? maybe?

hope to talk to you soon
lov mer

Mom said...

Dear Lind,
Ah...the art of conversation- isn't it wonderful to discover another and yourself in good conversation?

Cousin's Camp was a success and I will send you some photos.
Lov Mom
ps Did you get the package?

Anonymous said...

When are you coming back to Canada?
How many sleeps?

Dad said...

It is forbidden!Dad

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well...fancy meeting you on-line Uncle Barry. Are you saying sleep is forbidden???

mmmmmike said...

you mis-spelled conversation! {though clearly I have no idea how to spell 'misspell' 笑! (<=Japanese LOL, pronounced 'wara' like the izakaya name)}
thanks for writing about me. from the post above, Talal sounds like the real deal:)