Sunday, July 08, 2007


So I have some news. I have taken on a second job. I am now working for Gaba which is a an English language school. Gaba is really a fabulous company. I am able to set all my own hours. The company actually started out as a kind of connection service where it would match people wanted private English lessons with teachers and the lessons would be held in cafes or student homes, but as it grew the company decided to centralize and created learning studios for the lessons to be taught in. They have also created their own textbooks, have a rather strict dress code for teachers, and have a general "Gaba method" approach to teaching that all their teachers must follow. While I make just less then half of that I make with my private students, I am able to teach a lot more classes and I love the learn studios. I am so sick of teaching in cafes. So I am now doing that in the evenings from tues to fri. I have Saturdays off and I work the late afternoon and even on Sundays. I will be busy but I think that will be better then having so much time of my hands and I will be earning more money for my trip this fall. I had looked into hostessing, which would have earned me more money, but I just knew I would never be able to handle the amount of smoke in those places and I really didnt like the idea of being pressured to drink, espically when I have to work the next day. So I am sticking with teaching, but so far I am really happy with Gaba. I love their text books, and their very swanky learning studios- very modern, very chic. I did have to buy a new suit since I sent home all my business clothing and their dress code requires a black suit. I now have a great new zippy black suit which I love. I can also leave it at the learning studio so I don't have to carry it around with me all day. It is actually kind of nice to get all dress up and hang out with grownups after a day with kids.

Besides my new job.... well I went to see shrek last wednesday since it was raining....but I ended up seeing a dubbed movie. Thats right! I watched Shrek the Third in Japanaese!!!

Ani left yesterday. We said goodbye friday night. It is a little scary now, the knowledge that I am alone follows me everywhere, even though I am not really alone. Now that Ani and Nina have left, I no longer have a reason for being here. However I am going to make the most of my time left in Japan. I am excited about my new job and I have Talal.

Talal is a prince. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful guy to be by my side through this. He always finds a way to make me smile.

So that is it. Now I am just waiting until it is an okay time to call Canada....I received an email from my mumma asking me to call home....I guess it has been a while. ooops


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mom said...

The Gaba job sounds great! Good move. Sending your parcel Canada Post. Watch for it. It was such a nice long phone visit last Sunday! I needed that.
Take care out there,
Love Mom