Monday, July 16, 2007

Tokyo and I are doing fine

hello all,
This is just a quick note to tell you all that I am fine, and T0kyo has survived the lasted assault by mother nature. I have received a few emails inquiring on the situation re huge typhoon and huge earthquake. The typhoon did the most damage in Japan but never fully hit Tokyo as expected, it redirected itself into the pacific before it it. We did receive tonnes of rain and some high winds but we were spared. The south of Japan was no so lucky. The earthquake last night was centered 160km north of Tokyo. It killed three people and caused a small fire at a nuclear plant. Apparently buildings in Tokyo swayed with the shocks....however as usual I didn't feel anything. I have yet to feel an earthquake here.

So nature continues to rage and I continue to be unaffected. I hope my good luck lasts.


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Anonymous said...

Relieved to hear that everything is ok in Tokyo. Mereith & I were both watching the weather & and earthquake info with concern.
thanks also for sending the pictures!
Auntie Judy