Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back to TO from TO

Well I am back in Tokyo from Toronto. I didn't mention my trip home before because I was flying home to surprise my sister Jen for her 40th birthday.
I had an amazing time in Toronto and at my cottage. I got to see so many people and my huge family all made it out to the cottage to celebrate Jen's and Autumn's birthdays.
Meredith was here alone in Tokyo but she survived. She went on trips to Kyoto and to Nikko and had a fabulous time.

It was the most amazing feeling to be home and to feel at home, to feel like I belong.
Now I am back in Tokyo and I feel kind of numb. I am not really upset to be back, I am not happy either. If I didn't love the city or my job it would probably be harder to be back. It doesn't feel weird to be back either.

I am keeping on keeping on.

Meredith and I have some fun things planned for the rest of her time here so I am really excited about that.



Anonymous said...

Miss you. It was SO good to see you. Enjoy Mer.
- Ash

suebd said...

Happy to see you are back- safe if not sound. I have been reading Claire's blog- really compelling- do you have the link?
Don't push yourself- get some rest. You don't want another cold!
Love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Linden,
So glad that you are keeping on keeping on with your plan and you are safely in Tokyo. Wished I could have seen you when you were home. So close but yet so far away.

Anonymous said...

Back to work yet? Fully rested? What is the next adventure, after you have finished shopping for a camera?

I bought this great book at Winners yesterday called "Samurai Sushi - A feild guide to identifying and appreciating the world's most unique wraps, rolls and sashimi. The pocket sized book discribes every type of sushi with great pictures. The narrative includes everything you need to know before you sink your teeth into these often odd looking objects. I wish Meredith could use this feild guide to determine what's what. As it turns out all my (possibly Meredith's also) favorites, according to this book, originated in America. But there is enough info in the book to work with. Is there any chance you could you use it? If so, I'll send tomorrow - let me know.

On the back it says:
- Effortlessly identify every item in a chef's selection of sashimi
- Use Japanize terms like sake (salmon) and hotategai (scallop) to order up a feast with agility and accuracy
- Dazzle onlookers with your knowledge of ingredients and preparations
- Know which part of the tuna you are eating.
These skills and many more are now at your fingertips in Samurai Sushi. Featuring slices of useful information and delectable full-color photos, this guide covers everything you need to know to appreciate and enjoy this beautiful, healthy cuisine.
Barnes & Noble ISBN 0-7607-5933-2


Linden said...

sounds like a good book to have.
Mer says to send it on over.
Thanks Aunty Judy

Anonymous said...

Will do,