Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bali- now we're talking!

So I have arrived in Bali, Kuta to be exact.
I exited the airport last night and walked into South East Asia. The smells, the people, the architecture, the stray dogs, the mopeds, the night vendors, the food, the incense, the "hello darling" s. Last night as my hotel's van drove through town I was on the verge of tears I was so happy. I am so at home here. Australia was fun, but Bali is way more my style. Now I am traveling!!
As I walked down the main road in Kuta looking for a late dinner I was pulled aside by a tourist vendor and I bought myself a little package - glass bottom boat ride, snorkeling, and a trip to turtle island. The ways were rough on the ocean so we (a Spanish couple and myself) opted not to snorkel and instead we trading that in for parasailing. Our parasailing adventure will be tomorrow morning, afterwards I hope to head to Ubud for a few days.
I don't know where I will be sleeping tomorrow night, but I will worry about that tomorrow.
Food is good and cheap here. The pollution is a bit overwhelming and was making me a little sick so I ducked into this internet cafe.
I have a bit of a cold that I am fighting off at the moment but otherwise I am healthy. Who could possibly get a cold in 38 degree heat? me of course. I blame AC! And of course it arrived the day before I was to get on a plane, at least I didn't have it while diving.
It is a shame that I am here all by myself. I am not lonely but it is always cooler to share these experiences with a friend.
I held a sea turtle, a giant bat, a sea eagle, and a python today. I have pictures.
It is rainy here.


Tem said...

Lindy Loo I wish I was therew ith you......I am so envious of you right now!!!
Big Sis #3

Anonymous said...

Hi Hon, Sorry you are there by yourself as well! We are off to the cottage so you know where to reach us. Talk care of that early cold....
Love you

jenjen said...

Hellooo Bali. When I arrived in Kuta there was a downpour every afternoon and we hid in our hotel room becuase we thought the guy next to us was going to kdnap us or drug us. We went to Gili trawang-sp?? and stayed at beach hut with food included-but a resort may have taken over the island- and remember-don't eat Gado Gado if there isn't a high turnover of customers. Hotels by Monkey temple in Ubud.An awesome nightmarket. Lombok nice too! And I was too ill to see Yogyajarkta, Java? and regret that!! Soo exciting.