Thursday, February 07, 2008

Drought? but it's raining...

Well I am back to the coast from the outback. The farm stay was great. really different. The rains here made it well... not what i imagined. when I think outback, i think dusty red rocky earth, but with the rains everything was well, lime green. It is hard to imagine rains like they have been having here and the land still suffering from drought. The rains are either not the right kind or still not enough to be able to help last the year. It is a mind trip to be walking through fields of mud, roads being washed out, and then having to take a very short shower because of the intensity of the drought. But that is the reality for the people of Queensland, espicially the farmers.
Despite the rain and the washed out roads, the farm stay was fun. Bill the owner was such a character! oh god he was funny. I had a chance to go horse back riding which was really great. I was totally in "The Man from Snowy River". (fyi, that is the name of australia's most famous poem, not just a movie. who knew?)
We were not able to sleep in swage because of the rain but we did have all our good country australian food cooked out on the campfire. It was, well cuntry, a little salty (I had my first taste of corn beef) but still good.

Again, I will update with pictures later.
Sorry I am short, but again, time is money.


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