Monday, February 04, 2008

The Blue Mountains

oh man where did I leave off? Sydney, wow, ages ago!

Just a quick note, I won't have photos uploaded for the next few posts but i will insert them as soon as I can.

I booked on the cheapest day trip of the Blue Mountains that I could find, and when one does such a thing, one often can't expect the best of service. I, however, lucked out!!!
Wow my guide was fabulous. A total self schooled natualist. He knew so much and was so passionate about the Blue Mountains, every type of tree and all the animals in the national park, i couldn't have been happier.
I don't really know how to describe my experience but when you mix temperate rain forest with waterfalls, eucalyptis trees, blue haze, scorching sun, sudden thunderstorm, steep mountain hikes walked by Charles Darwin, pretty towns, and my frist wild kangaroos.... it does not fail to impress. There was a good group of us, mostly young backpackers but some elders mixed in. I got to sit up front with our guide and I was a total nerd trying to absorb everything he said and complaining that he had not put together a booklet of information.I don't know yet if my pictures will be able to translate anything for you into something you can picture. I took a million though.
Little stories may come back to me when I look at the pictures. Right now i am filled with all the stories my Fraser Island guide (another fabulous guide) implanted into my nerdy but forgetful head.

All in all, I am so gald that I decided to do the Blue Mountain trip. The natural world of Australia totally tops the surfer party scene. hands down!

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding! I think you are doing a great job communicating the richness of this experience. We look forward to the photos!