Saturday, February 09, 2008

Who doesn't like a good steam room? no room...even better!

oh it is hot!
Really, really hot.
The heat is intense, probably around 35, then add the humidity. There is not much I feel like doing. I am in Mission beach right now which is very close to Cairns. I am taking a bit of a rest day. The ocean is sooo warm it is almost too hot to swim in. It feels like a bath tub, even when the water is deep enough to go over your head. There is a netted swimming area that we must swim in because of the stingers. The pool at my hotel is also too warm. That and it is full of beer drinking truckers. The little hotel is fabulous though! It is all gardens, hug ferns and flowering trees. Each little block of rooms is hidden in this dark green jungle. There is a BBQ and we will buy some seafood and veggies and BBQ it up! I am in charge of the salad and desert which is very exciting! I miss cooking. The tour leaders called dibs on the!
Last night we all went out for dinner at a nice asian fusion restaurant and then had some beers at a pub on the beach. Lush, everything is so lush. My skin is loving it. The Irish on the trip are having a bit of trouble with the heat. The Brits aren't doing too well either.
So that is basically it for me.
A relaxing day in the sauna that is Mission Beach.
Tomorrow to Cairns- scuba diving, sky diving, cape tribulation....who knows?!



Anonymous said...

Dear Linden, I tried to copy a photo of our brilliant day, but not possible. Check your e-mail. The freezing rain has magically coated the trees, and another 12cm of snow- glorious. I know how you must miss it.

jenjen said...

Linden, I love you and I miss you and hope you come back soon and I am glad you are having fun in Australia and I wish to be with you and Piper loves you too.
Love Theo

Anonymous said...

Hi Linden,
I am using the internet to get photos of the various places you have been - wow. What a fabulous trip.