Saturday, February 16, 2008

Diving the Reef!

Hello all! I have just arrived back in Cairns. I spent the last three days out on the Great Barrier Reef scuba diving. 11 dives in three days, that is very exhausting! I took the advanced open water course while I was out there. I am now an advanced diver. I did two night dives...a little scary but oddly calming. I did a deep dive, and many others. These are pictures from my first go with the underwater camera. The colours were amazing. I am sorry that they don't show up that much here.
Oh that blue thing is a stinger suit. We have to wear them because of the jellyfish in the water.


jake said...

I am not much of an "eplorer" but think your travels are awsome!

Anonymous said...

I don't see any reef, just a big ocean:- are you sure this isn't shot in a studio? Welcome back linden- all I could think about was "white..." -love dad.

Anonymous said...

Diving off the Great Barrier Reef....check. Now on to the next thing on your list! Must have been fabulous....awesome...

Anonymous said...

So cool! You must be having an amazing time!

Love Mer

Anonymous said...

wowowowow! what an amazing experience!

quick question though: what happens if a jelly stings your face?

x kate

Linden said...

if it stings your face, it hurts. you just hope the sting is not from one of the deadly ones. No one was stung, well i might have been but i am not sure. the pain only lasted about 20mins so i think it was just a little stinger.

Anonymous said...

Dear Auntie Linden,
When I was in Cuba I was wearing my goggles looking underwater;I had a tiny sea horse in my goggles! Did you see any sea horses in your dives? My dad saw a barracuda when he was still in the water and I was out of the water.
Love, Quoia

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and I like the color of the stinger suit. Looking for your latest posting and excited to see whatever you are up to now and what comes next.