Thursday, February 07, 2008

Take only photos, leave only footprints

The Whitsundays!!

After a quick breakfast the bus arrived to pick us up. We were the last pick up so they were a bit delayed. The air conditioned giant dropped us off a few minutes later at the wharf. The excitement for the day had grown as we waited to be picked up and by the time we were unloaded most of us were giddy with anticipation. In front of us was a Maxi. Not just any Maxi, the Ragamuffin. Three time winner of the Sydney to Hobart Challenge, multiply second and third places finishes, and winner of a variety of other international competitions.
What is a Maxi you ask? I had asked that same question as we waited for our pick up. Greg was kind enough to enlighten me, "A maxi is the NASCAR of sailboats". Got it, it is a fast boat. If it wasn't a world famous racer I still would have been deliriously happy. Sail boat + sun + Great Barrier Reef National Park+ picnic on the beach.... sure being on a world class winner racer is a bonus but the day is the prize.

What did I do today?
Today I spent sailing around the Whitsundays on Ragamuffin. My fabulous ipod provided the soundtrack to my day of champaign sailing (I did get to do a bit of work pulling ropes, cranking up sails). On the way out the Beatles (Across the Universe soundtrack) was just the perfect touch, and the late afternoon sail back in was in tune with some Bob Marley. Did I mention it was relaxing?

Meredith, I missed you soo much! Well, I didn't so much miss you, I wasn't lonely for you, but I did think about you tones and imagine how cool it would be if you were on Ragamuffin with me. I told the whole crew about you. (you have a job waiting for you on Ragamuffin by the way)

I spent most of the sail at the stern (front right?), hanging off the side and relishing the cool waves occasionally splashing my dangling legs. If I wasn't draping most of my body off the boat, I was stretched out soaking in the rays while watching the sails, or standing right up in the thing that juts off the front and staring out at the beautiful topical ocean views.
I may not have been the hardest working sailor but I was dressed very well. Yup, pulled out all the stops with white shorts, dark blue breezy shirt, fabulous earings (thanks ash), and a side ponytail, a hug sun hat, and big dark glasses. I just thought I would describe how smashing I looked since you don't have a picture. Well my philosophy for today day was, if I don't look like part of the crew, might as well look like I own the yacht. was fun.

We didn't see much marine life. I did spot a giant sea turtle. That was pretty exciting.
The lunch on the beach was great. It was unfortunate that we had to wear stinger suits for the water.

Well my time is up. sorry about spelling mistakes. i have no time to proof read.

The day was Fabulous!



Meredith said...

SO jealous. Wish I was there with you!! It sounds amazing... sailing down under!!

I love your blog updates! It is great to know what you are up to on the other side of the world!!

Miss you!!

Love Mer

(P.S. stern=back and bow=front)

Anonymous said...

Lind! No Pictures? Sounds stunning...(but I think the owner of the vessel would be snapping photos). So glad to get caught up a mom