Monday, February 04, 2008

Fraser Island

Hi all,
I know there are too many post all at once but so much has happend and I won't get to another computer for a while.
I just spent the last two days on Frasher Island. My tour group met up with other travellers as we boarder the Fraser Island Company 4wheel drive bus that would be our transport over the famous sand island.
Our guid was Rossco, I really can't say another about this guy. He was efficient, kind, funny, so knowledgeable, and all around amazing.

The highlight for Fraser Island for me was probably when we entered the tropical rainforest, were kicked out of the bus, met but thousands of cicadas hidden in the trees and obviously offended by our interruption.

For those of you who don't know what a cicada is or the noise it makes but they are insects that rub their legs together and it creats ahigh pitch kind of whin that is pretty cool, however I have never know them to be as load as they were when we stepped out of the bus. So this amazing noise was the perfect soundtrack to what my eyes were taking in.
The giant firns, the skinny but tall plams and the trees that seems to touch the sky all made me take an extra look around for dinos. Really everything was super big! huge! we were tiny little creatures in this forest. And to top it all off this is a rain forest that essentally has grown up on a sand doon!!!!!!! HOW?! HOW?! I was talking on sand and staring at firns the size of houses! It was so unreal and that was just the first 20mins of my time on Fraser Island.

What else? well I don't have much time so I will just list.

Dingos, birds big and small, 75miles of straight white beach that we could drive on, shark infested waters, fresh water creeks, freshwater lakes, sand blows that would take anyone's breath away, salt water pools whose rocks keeps out the sharks but welcomed the crashing waves, beautiful tents with hard wood floors, more rainforest hikes, sand dune treks, swims in fresh water lakes and creeks, a fabulous fish dinner, kangaroo meet to sample, hot showers, new friends, tones of laughs. Paradise!

Next stop?
The OUTBACK!!! Two nights sleeping in swag under the stars and horseback riding!!!

Love it all.
Miss none of you!


ps. photos will be added to posts later.


Anonymous said...

So, I guess this dream of yours...held on to for so worth it. Very compelling!
Lv, Mom

Anonymous said...

Well Linden, The news has some pretty dramatic weather pictures with torrential rains in Queensland....results of a typhoon! Perhaps you have avoided this being inland. Hope things are exciting, regardless (or maybe because) of the weather.

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well :))

Sounds awesome ... :P