Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ahh the New York Bar

Tonight was Hera's last night in Tokyo.
We went to the Hyatt to honour the occasion.
It was wonderful as always. It is so beautiful there, the jazz music was really fine although the vocalist was a little breathy for my tastes but the band was bang on. I had a Cesar salad and a glass of Shiraz. The Cesar salad was one of the best things I have eaten here in Tokyo, really great and very large with whole huge leaves of romaine that you have to cut with a knife to eat.
The view from the Hyatt is so fabulous and the New York bar is so rich and classy, it is the high life at its finest as far as I am concerned.
There are pictures, just not with my camera so I wont get them until Ani sends them to me.

My cousin Meredith arrives in less then two days! Very exciting.

Caitlin is going to stay at my place tomorrow night and I am really looking forward to that. We will get to be roomies again, if only for the night.


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suebd said...

Did you hear Mer ran a .5 marathon Sunday? 13 MILES. Judy she has been training all year, but regardless, that is pretty impressive.

I just walked home from school and it took me just over an hour.Working on those endorphins... It isn't dancing till dawn, but it is what I can do...