Saturday, May 19, 2007

Girls Night

Well last night Meredith and I did not head to Shibuya. Meredith, still recovering from jet leg and not totally used to my go go go lifestyle yet, was too tired.
Instead we picked up some fabulous chocolate sundays and came back to my apartment for a girls veg night- series finale of Gilmore Girls, season finale of Gray's Anatomy, and the latest episode of House.
I don't know what I am going to do for company when Meredith goes and I have no new tv shows to stream illegally.

Today it is raining but when Meredith gets up with will head to Ueno to see the national museum, but the duck boats and the Asakua Temple will probably have to be put on hold, same with Tokyo Dome City. We might just have to check out Ikebukuro some more (Sunshine City mall) and maybe some Karaoke before meeting up with Ani and Caitlin tonight.



Anonymous said...

I am grateful to get the regular updates. You are both so busy you deserve some down time. Keep the pictures coming!!!

suebd said...

Beautiful. I read about that park in one of my Japanese mysteries...but it didn't make it to our itinery! So glad to hear what you folks are doing!