Thursday, May 17, 2007

Meredith is in TOKYO

Well Meredith has arrived in Tokyo. She came in last night and I met her at the airport after I finished work. I brought her back to my apartment and then we headed out to Ikebukuro for dinner. After dinner I took Mer to an arcade and the "studio" floor that was fillled with those crazy and fabulous photo booths. We took some very fun pictures and then headed back to my apartment.
Today Meredith came with me as I travelled to my schools. My schools today are close to Ryogoku where the sumo tournaments are held and Meredith and I saw probably over 10 sumo wrestlers in total throughout the day. Over my four hour lunch break Mer and I went to Ueno. We checked out the market style alleyways and some of the shops. We had indian for lunch and then as it was raining we headed to KARAOKE which was, as always, tones of fun. Yes, Meredith had fun as well, not that she had any choice in the matter, but she did get into the karaoke grove. We then walked through Ueno Park before heading to my second school of the day. After my second school we came straight home to get some rest. I read my book and Meredith wrote a beautiful long email to her mother which probably took her about an hour to write and just as she was proofreading or whatever, she lost the whole thing. the little whimper she let out was so sad and actually got me to lift my nose out of my book for all of two seconds to condole with her and then I was back in my story world.
We went out for Thai tonight to this lovely new Thai restaurant that opened up not far from me. Meredith's stomach as been a little off, something I totally forgot until I noticed how slow she was eating and she told me she was just being careful of her stomach. I promplty told her that she must remind me of these things and that she should have told me NO SPICY FOOD when I told her we were going for thai. I will try to be more considerate.
Tomorrow we head to Odaiba for the day. Meredith is going to check out the Ashes and Snow exhibit while I have my first class. Then we will do a picnic on the beach, check out the fugi building, maybe hit Muscle Park and the shops in Aqua City. Tomorrow night....who knows.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news Linden. Meredith was too tired to rewrite the e-mail she lost but wrote a short one that was just great. Thank you for everything - meeting her at the airport etc. etc. This would be an amazing once in a lifetime experience for anyone, and you are the person that is making it happen!
Judy (can't wait to see the photo booth photos)
I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with the choose an identity stuff so I picked anonymous.