Thursday, May 03, 2007

Moved in and all alone

So Jenna left today. I miss her. It is really weird to be alone. No Mhairi, no Jenna.
Ani and I spent the day together and that was really nice. But now I am alone in my new apartment. No Mhairi, no Jenna.
I miss Mhairi lots. It is going to be hard. I know. But she is off in Australia having a fabulous time and I am really happy for her. And I will see her this time next year in Scotland...well that's the plan.

As for my apartment...well I worked on it today. It still needs more work. The hardest part is finding a place for everything. I still have to put my pictures up. The 'Wall of Love' will go back up, just don't know where yet. I have filled one of my duffel bags with stuff I will bring home when I go home to visit. I have sooo much stuff man! It is crazy!

Jenna and I took some nice pics the other day and I will put them up when she emails them to me.

Ani's friend Hera comes on Saturday. And CAITLIN comes on Monday!!!! I am soo excited to see her!!!
Meredith are you packing yet?!!! You will be here soo soon too!! I have so much planned for us. Bring shoes you can walk a city in and gym stuff. And everything new and fabulous you just bought in New York! Did you get my package yet?

I am so thankful for visitors, otherwise I really don't know how I would get on without Mhairi.


p.s. I will update with pics of the apartment as soon as I have the place finished. So hopefully tomorrow.


suebd said...

Glad to hear that you are making the wee place your home. Looking forward to a video tour. Yes, you have really had an amazing number of visitors!

Anonymous said...

I did get the package! Thanks so much! I left you a message on msn about it, did you get it? And no I haven't started packing yet, which I guess I should do soon since I'm leaving in a week... I'm going to talk to you first and find out what I should/shouldn't take with me... or else I'll under or overpack. Seriously I suck at packing. But I'm so excited and have been reading the lonely planet Japan book Ashley sent and it is getting me more excited! Anyway I will talk to you soon!!
Love Mer

suebd said...

Pat Zanier says hello. Leanne is in Europe and all plan to meet in Italy! Such an interesting, celibratory idea your friends families' have. Food for thought.