Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tired, but smiling.

Well as predicted, last night was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!
(these pictures were taken when we emerged from the club, tired, sweaty, and all around unattrative.)
So back to fabulousnes-
Put me on a top of a speaker beside the DJ booth and I will dance until sun-up with a smile on my face.
We somehow got invited into the VIP area, not that I spent any time there...I was just beside on top of the speaker.
Clubs in Tokyo are unlike any I have ever been to and I love them. The Japanese love to have fun. They are there to dance and really enjoy themselves, not just there to "be there" or whatever. Also, this may only be because I am the unwanted white girl, they lack the "meat market" feel of many clubs at home. I love that!!!! Real freedom to dance. I also get to be that crazy cool dancing white girl without any hangups that I might experience at home. Basically I am not worried about embarrassing myself. I think they like me up there ( I always seem to get myself on some sort of love to entertain I guess), the DJ was smiling at me and I always love the "fan club" of people who gather below who I can dance "with" without having to touch them in the ever overcrowded dance floors.
Hera was the first of us up on the "stage" and while I ended up on there the longest all four of us were up there at one point in time, and once all together which was a little difficult and at times scary as there really wasn't much space.

I arrived home this morning at 6am, got up at 8am to get showered and to Charlie for his private lesson at 10am. He however was a no show, so I turned around and went home. I think I was just too tired to care, however I had considered cancelling but I knew I had a commitment and it was my choice to go out when I knew it would make the next morning hard.

Anyway...I am tired, but smiling.

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suebd said...

Caitlin with dark hair! She looks great!
I can hear the refrain "the party's over...." in the last photos; a tired group.